About Seminary Now

Institutional Goals and Vision

Seminary Now began as a subscription-based, streaming video platform that delivers exclusive biblical, theological, and practical ministry training from a diverse group of leading educators and thought leaders.

Today, we are proud to continue delivering the next level of biblical learning with our seminary credit program. With this program you can go even further by taking for-credit classes with other students, directly with seminary professors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Seminary Now?

Seminary Now believes a diversity of voices is required to help church leaders meet the demands of ministry today. In addition to providing access to the teaching of leading seminary professors, we believe important and relevant content comes from thought leaders outside the seminary walls, including the sometimes neglected contributions of women and persons of color. We fill this gap using technology to make training accessible to those who desire to lead the church in a changing environment.

Is Seminary Now meant to replace seminary education?

No, Seminary Now is meant to provide on-ramps to deeper education, including seminary and other forms of learning, as well as continuing education for Christian leaders facing new challenges. Our For-Credit Program allows you to begin your seminary journey today and coursework you complete with this program can count towards completing a degree program at any of our partner schools.

Does Seminary Now offer pathways toward degree programs?

Yes! Seminary Now has a new offering, which provides a pathway toward a seminary degree program.

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